NFL Alumni Association Partners with Panorama Travel Solutions to Launch New NFL Alumni Travel

NFL Alumni Association members now enjoy exclusive access to travel savings via members-only travel booking platform

NFL Alumni Association announced a new travel benefit for their members, with deep savings and access to hundreds of thousands of hotels and resorts around the country. The new NFL Alumni Travel provides travel club services to the organizations’ membership of thousands of retired National Football League (NFL) players, coaches, cheerleaders, front office executives and spouses. The club is powered by Panorama Travel Solutions, which specializes in designing and operating membership travel programs around the world.“The NFL Alumni Travel is a full-service travel booking platform featuring discounted hotel and resort accommodations, as well as car and air reservations. The discounts are real and impactful,” said Beasley Reece, CEO NFL Alumni Association. “We first introduced the new travel benefit to our members during the Super Bowl in LA and received an overwhelmingly positive response. We believe this travel savings benefit will not only enhance value for our current members but will also attract new members to our organization, ultimately helping us continue our mission of Caring Kids, Caring for Our Community and Caring for Our Own.”Free and exclusive to members of the NFL Alumni Association and eligible immediate family, NFL Alumni Travel offers members the ability to conveniently book travel from start to finish in one place, including immediate access to discounted rates at more than 600,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. NFL Alumni Travel also offers a premium membership with upgraded travel options and expanded offerings, including exclusive deals on cruise, tickets, shopping and more, for $9.95 per month.“We’re thrilled to partner with NFLA to power the new NFL Alumni Travel, which provides members with a one stop shop for booking travel,” said Fiona Downing, senior managing director at Panorama. “Now more than ever, people want to explore the world and make memories with their families and friends. We are proud to partner with organizations like NFLA to create this new member travel benefit for retired members of the NFL community.”

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